Devices And Features To Complement Your Solar System

Solar power systems are a great investment for many homeowners, whether you're looking to improve your home's value, reduce utility bills, or build a greener lifestyle. But like any other home system, your solar system can be optimized if you know all the tricks and clever features and devices to include with your solar installation.

Here are some solar system devices and features to ask your solar power system installers about.

1. Smart Solar Charge Controller

The solar charge controller is vital to the health of any battery banks you have connected to your solar system. Ideally, it controls how power enters and leaves the battery system, and helps you to store as much energy from your solar panels as possible.

But a smart solar charge controller can provide even more benefits. For example, it can allow you to connect from your phone so you can see exactly what's going on with your solar power and battery storage system at all times.

2. Battery System

A battery system is another feature you should consider adding if you currently have only a basic solar system with no storage capabilities.

Adding a battery system to your solar panels allows you to store excess energy made during peak sun hours. This energy can then allow you to use solar power for your lights and other electrical needs at night when no sunlight is available. A good battery system is crucial if you want to become independent from the power grid.

3. Immersion Diverter

If you want to make more use of your solar panels but aren't ready to upgrade to batteries, you might want to look into getting an immersion diverter. An immersion diverter takes the excess energy from solar panels during peak hours, but instead of storing the energy, simply diverts it to an immersion heater to provide hot water to your home.

Fortunately, the immersion diverter won't become obsolete once you've added batteries to your system either. In that scenario, the diverter will simply wait until battery banks are full before diverting excess energy.

Whether you have an existing system you'd like to upgrade or whether you're on the lookout for solar power system installers to put a solar array on your home, all of these solar-related features are worth considering. They can give you more efficiency, reduce reliance on the electrical grid, or even make your solar system more convenient to use.

Contact your local solar power system installers today to discuss the best solar setup for you and your family. 

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