Things That Shouldn't Be Disposed Of In A Rental Dumpster

When someone needs to clean out a substantial amount of junk from a house, dumpster rentals make the process more convenient. Customers receive a list of prohibited items or are directed to a list on the website. Certain things are prohibited because they are flammable, hazardous to the environment, or attractive to pests. Recyclables should not be included unless the company says its workers separate those materials from the trash.


Some electronics should not be put in dumpsters, as they contain hazardous materials, or the company must pay fees for recycling them. Examples include microwave ovens, window air conditioners, videocassette recorders, and computers. An exception would be a rental service that charges a small fee for including these electronics.

Digital cameras are allowed if the company separates the recyclables. Fully mechanical film cameras can be disposed of in the container as well. 

Hazardous and Flammable Fluids

Herbicides and pesticides are poisonous and do not belong in a dumpster or landfill. All types of lighter fluid, including charcoal starter, are highly flammable. So are rubbing alcohol, acetone, and varnish.

This is not the place to dispose of car fluids and automotive batteries. If a battery begins leaking, the acid could damage the dumpster. Worse, it might harm a rental service worker

All of these substances can harm the environment if brought to a landfill. 

Foods That Attract Animals

Pests are attracted to open containers of food, as well as sealed bags and cardboard boxes containing food. Rodents and raccoons can easily tear open a box of cereal or a bag of pasta. Scavenging birds such as seagulls, crows, and pigeons may show up too. Once these animals discover the buffet, they will return again and again.

Organic Materials

Although yard waste is not hazardous and generally doesn't attract pests, it shouldn't go in the dumpster. Municipalities typically schedule certain days or weeks when their workers gather organic materials like tree seeds, leaves, and branches placed at the curb.

In a rural area, the property owner might obtain a permit to burn some accumulated brush. A more environmentally-friendly option is to hire a service that chips large and small branches for mulch.

Common Sense

Although these guidelines may seem lengthy and complicated, most can be understood with common sense. Anyone who needs to rent a dumpster for a household clean-out may learn more at a rental company's website or call with questions.

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