3 Crucial Services Performed During Transformer Field Maintenance

Transformers are crucial for the distribution of electrical power through high-voltage transmission lines. They're found in an electric grid and are used to increase or decrease voltages as necessary. Transformer field maintenance is an essential service that helps to ensure the longevity of your transformer. In this article, you'll learn three vital services performed during this maintenance.

1. Insulation Leakage Testing

An insulation leakage test is designed to detect and isolate the location of faults in a power transformer winding. Faults may include damaged or worn insulation as well as conductors that have developed short circuits due to faulty connections, chafing, corrosion, or mechanical damage. After an oil-insulated transformer has been de-energized for maintenance work, it can be tested by applying a voltage between one coil winding and ground while monitoring its magnetic flux with special probes. The signals from the sensing coils are processed using waveform analyzers which compare them against reference values obtained during previous tests on similar units.

2. Voltage Measurements

After the primary and secondary windings of a transformer have been tested for their electrical values, voltage measurements are made on them to determine if there is any residual power left within the insulation. Even though there may not be enough energy remaining inside the medium itself to cause it to overheat or start arcing between conductors, its presence will influence distribution circuits around it through electromagnetic induction. 

Allowing transformers with compromised insulating materials to remain online while running at high voltages can result in increased stress being placed on other equipment along transmission lines, and more frequent power outages due to internal fires originating from these hotspots. To prevent this from happening, electricians should check for residual power within the insulating medium to ensure the transformer is safe, even without their casings on.

3. Oil Sampling

Sampling is an essential service that should be performed during transformer field maintenance. During this service, an oil sample is taken from each electrical unit before starting any work and after all work has been completed to ensure there are no leaks or other problems with the system.

Oil sampling is so important because even one drop of spilled oil could cause environmental damage, as well as significant financial consequences for a company. Further testing will ensure that the oil is clean before it can be reused. It will also help your company to comply with regulations and avoid fines.

Transformer field maintenance is essential to keeping a business running. Without regular transformer field service, power might be lost, and injuries may occur due to faulty equipment. With good transformer field service, a company will have an increased bottom line with greater employee satisfaction.

For more information about Transformer Field Maintenance, contact a transformer company in your area. 

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